Traditionally angels only figure in six of the Major Arcana cards. 

Shining Angels Tarot
@Lo Scarabeo
Raphael resides over the Lovers,
Temperance is often the angel juggling the waters of emotion.
The Devil is either Lucifer or Pan.
Judgement has an angel dominating the landscape 
And four archangels marking the four directions are in the Wheel of Fortune and The World.
The Shining Angels Tarot by Giudetta Dembech and Artwork by Federico Pence is a deck designed to further educate us as readers to the extent of the angelic world and their role in magic, Qabala, healing, meditation and the spirit of our lives.
 This is what we want from a new Tarot deck, we want to be educated; for the new deck to take us into areas we don't know about.
This is a deck I would be inclined to work with for myself; I may add it to healing work I was doing with clients. 

In the Shining Angels  Tarot, Raphael moves away from the Lovers leaving them to Haniel, archangel of Netzach of the Qabala whilst Raphael takes up the Heirophant.
Lucifer stays with the Devil,  Asariel takes over the Temperance, she is the keeper of the secrets of elements, balance and alchemy. Sandalphon, Malkuth's archangel in the Qabala takes the World and Archangel Tzasquiel is the Wheel of Fortune.  Archangel Icosiel is Judgements archangel, he is the keeper of the sepulchre and keeps vigil for three days then opens the doors to resurrection and light. Sounds like a great choice. 
All the major cards are represented by archangels in this deck.   Of course Gabriel is there with the Moon being labelled as the guardian of intuition, of dreams of the subconscious and birth and children. Michael too has the Justice card, he is the divine judge who allows light to triumph.

Shining Angels Tarot
@Lo Scarabeo

Shining Angels Tarot
@Lo Scarabeo
Shining Angels Tarot @Lo Scarabeo
I really like if using the Tarot to set out my ritual wheel to have the High Priestess, The Hermit, The Hanged One  and The Star holding the directions. It seems a great spacing throughout the Major Arcana and to have selected the cards that perhaps portray significant spiritual properties.

Shining Angels Tarot
@Lo Scarabeo

How I would use it is perhaps to place four minor angels on the angles of a ritual wheel either beside the archangels or in their own right. This deck really opens up the reader to the concepts of how many angels there are and the idea of the structure of the Celestial Heavens of which there are three levels all full of angels.

My sense is this deck takes a long time to explore because it keeps sending the reader off to research where a particular being is located. This I enjoy, it keeps me interested. Tarot has always done this for me. It can lead your occult studies. By working with new decks or studying the characters or concepts each deck discusses, a student can find themselves in a totally new direction.   

The minor arcana is linked to the angels of the "second light".

Shining Angels Tarot
@Lo Scarabeo
Shining Angels Tarot
@Lo Scarabeo
The suit of cups are a beautiful testimony to family and love being overseen by the angels suited to their cause. Even the five of cups is Angel of Nourishment bringing help from friends, sincerity, loyalty and lucky choices. This is a far cry from the modern decks of a card of grief. In this beautiful world of happy family with the Queen and King of Cups representing loyal wives and husbands residing over abundant family; even the Knight is returning home.
These are comforting values in this suit even if they seem a little out dated. Perhaps what we all assume family and love to be but many of us don't experience it this way. Left me wandering how many cups would I get in a reading?
Pentacles are associated with our business and family fortunes. Again our fives are tempered bringing collaboration with wealthy friends. The pentacles epitomise our wealth and good fortune in our wealth. This is a very positive and refreshing approach to the minors; maybe because the angels of each card bring positive help.
The wands have an element of struggle, usually needing negotiation, and insightful timing. The five of wands does have a need to protect from enemies and maybe a need to apologise. The wands seem to be a bit unclear, I don't hear fire in them and our wands in the illustrations are often making protective images. The surprise of the court is the Queen of Wands can be our mother in law.
The swords are a tough gig. This is where the shit hits the fan. So our creators are following a very traditional approach to the minors. The swords are the daily difficulties and the angels in these cards are here to solve the hard core issues. There is no doubt the swords mean strife. Often in readings clients count up how many swords they have, this has a negative connotation for many people. Modern decks have worked to give the swords a positive way to be used and worked with. A less statement of fact approach to a process orientated approach.
It interests me that all our angels in both the Major and Minors appear feminine and when I have branched out to read texts on the angels they are masculine. Probably they are gender free but in our human ways we use gender to describe and portray them.
As a reading deck, I find this deck a little out of fashion for me. As a study deck I love it. It would take me a very long time to research the concepts held in all these angels; even locating them can be difficult because  of differing spellings for the angelic names. As to where each one resides I haven't even began. Its beautiful illustrations are gentle, soft and exude femininity.
The Mother in law
Shining Angels Tarot
@Lo Scarabeo


There are so many Angel decks and Oracles. Obviously we have a great interaction with the angelic realms and many illustrators try to give us imagery for them. I will just mention a few I find interesting.

Doreen Virtue did both an Oracle deck and a Tarot of Angels. These decks are really common and used by many.

The Angel Tarot by Jayne Wallace is a pretty pastel deck, she also had an Oceanic themed deck.

Tarot de los Angelos is a Spanish Deck of images with angel names.

Angel Tarot by Nikita Arnett, Lydia Oukhaneva has mostly feminine images of angels set over planetary images.

Angel Tarot by Maria Miduki, Michel Angela is a Majors only deck.

Watcher Angel Tarot by Jacequline Williams, Michelle Belanger has a great look.

Fallen Angel Oracle  by Nigel Suckling, Sarah Perkins is interesting.

Dark Angels Tarot  by Luca Russo and Lo Scarabeo . Lo Scarabeo do take on the dark elements of the occult and mind. I love their daring to illustrate these aspects that are not  often spoken about let alone put into images.  
Lo Scarabeo also does this with erotic decks too.


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