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Many people use the Tarot to reflect the comings and goings as the year transposes leaving behind one year and entering into a new one. This could entail a ritual period after Summer Solstice / Christmas to the  New Years Day. The type of readings we would use here are ones that mark endings and beginnings. These could be done as two seperate readings; one that features the endings and once  the issues that need to be dealt with in endings are done then perhaps a new reading for beginnings.   
  Personally I would design the reading myself, which can be done very simple. For example what do I need to clear from my life ending 2017 and maybe select three cards.What is the energy that surrounds me commencing 2018, probably three cards or even one for each month for the coming year.  My favourite spread for highlighting the energy of a coming year is The Season of the Witches from The Witches Tarot, but I like to do it at the  Spring Equinox. This reading places a card on each of the eig…


I personally read the Motherpeace Tarot for my clients. I met this wonderful deck over thirty years ago in America. One of the keys to interpreting a deck lies in who created it? Tarot artists are really different to Tarot readers. So researching and knowing who your artists are is important. It is their interpretation of the Tarot structure and its archetypes that will trigger your knowledge . 

The Motherpeace was created by two women, Vicki Noble and Karen Vogel and was a historic deck as it was the first deck to portray the positive feminine in both its shape as a circular deck and the empowered images of the feminine it uses. These women were trail blazers in the time of realising womens' power  and the need for women to reclaim their power and heal. This is why I love this deck, which I have travelled all around the world with; my Motherpeace is always packed and is the possession I fear losing the most.  The images in this deck are designed to heal people and even though th…


Tarot found me and generally does tend to find its followers as most devotees have an interesting tale. Mine began as a child when my grandmother gave me a deck of playing cards and from a primary school child I would tell my toys wonderful stories and later my barbies and finally tucked away out of sight, because this was secret business, I would run stories around my friends lives. When I was in my twenties I met an intense Merlin like figure who had a deck of Tarot and I was enthralled. He told me to stay away, they were dangerous and I was hooked. At the time I was teaching in a sheep grazing district in Victoria and I searched in the local news agent to see if they had Tarot Cards. Well to my surprise, they did and a book that was too become one of my favoured companions for thirty years of my life. 
This fabulous deck: The Hermetic Tarot by Godfrey Dowson was akin to finding an alien nestled secretly in a rural country village.
Based on Esoteric Workings of the Secret Order of …