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Traditionally angels only figure in six of the Major Arcana cards. 

Raphael resides over the Lovers, Temperance is often the angel juggling the waters of emotion. The Devil is either Lucifer or Pan. Judgement has an angel dominating the landscape  And four archangels marking the four directions are in the Wheel of Fortune and The World. The Shining Angels Tarot by Giudetta Dembech and Artwork by Federico Pence is a deck designed to further educate us as readers to the extent of the angelic world and their role in magic, Qabala, healing, meditation and the spirit of our lives.
 This is what we want from a new Tarot deck, we want to be educated; for the new deck to take us into areas we don't know about. This is a deck I would be inclined to work with for myself; I may add it to healing work I was doing with clients. 
In the Shining Angels  Tarot, Raphael moves away from the Lovers leaving them to Haniel, archangel of Netzach of the Qabala whilst Raphael takes up the Heirophant. Luc…


Health is an area we are often asked to read on and one I find particularly sensitive. If my client is concerned on health issues I make sure our questions that we are seeking are very precise. I find it much more advantageous to both the reader and the client to work from the perspective of how they can input into healing themselves. So for example if I am asked how is  my operation going to turn out? I prefer to work with the question.
What do I need to do to make my operation successful? Or my steps in preparing for my operation and/or recovery. I do this because I don't think it is particularly useful to the client's state of mind if a card like the Death card turns up on their operation. Yes we as readers know that this doesn't literally mean death but if we are working with novices the thing they will leave with is the Death card on their operation. Did this assist? No.
Now difficult cards can still turn up if we rephrase the question. So if the Death card turns up…


One of the most extensive tarot programs ever written would have to be The Hallowquest: The Arthurian Tarot Course written by Caitlin and John Mathews. Written in four parts this study although designed to run through the course of the seasons has so much depth I have repeated many of the seasons more than once.

Part 1. The Arthurian Tarot

Doorways in time and space.The Arthurian WorldThe Hallows in Celto-Arthurian Tradition.   Part 2.: Preparing for the Quest. Lessons 1-5 Part 3: The Quest for the Hallows
Spring:    The Quest for Sword Lesson 6-17 Summer: The Quest for Spear. Lessons 18-30 Autumn: The Quest for the Grail. Lessons 31-43 Winter:   The Quest for the Stone. Lessons 44-56
Part 4: The Way of the Hallows. Lessons 57-63.
In this work there are gems of reading lay outs,  Gems of self questioning and self searching Pearls of Arthurian wisdom. The student is totally engulfed in the land of Arthur and his court  along with many of the archetypes that go with it and the lessons the…


2016 DECK OF THE YEAR DREAMS OF GAIA. AN AUSTRALIAN DECK BY RAVYNNE  PHELAN. Quietly and with barely a murmur Ravynne Phelan's tarot for a new era has won Tarot Deck of the Year 2016 awarded by the Tarosophy Tarot Association, access by membership, based online and created by Marcus Katz and Tali Goodwin.
An Australian publisher in Blue Angel based in Melbourne produced the deck.
I am so excited by this award. To be able to compete with the likes of tarot producers such as Lo Scarebeo of Turin and Llewellyn of USA is a huge feat from a small publisher in Australia.

Now we have acknowledged the formalities: what about Ravynne Phelan. Her story is a fantastic tale of knowing where her heart lay and being thwarted by others who can't believe in her dream to returning to the calling and producing wondrous material culminating in this fantastic tarot deck.
The book written by Ravynne Phelan reads like a novel. I can hear her speaking to me from a space of knowing the process. She …