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TAROT QUEST with LYNDALL MCQUINN The days of the Quest are a time to reflect and plan: to emerge stronger in resolve as to where you will guide your life path. These four tarot readings take us on a journey to examine from what point we are beginning and how over a twelve -month period we plan to implement our strategies. After deciding what the strategy is we look at how to commence and implement this blueprint. Lastly we review where your life is poised at the moment that you are stepping out. To begin. These four sessions guide our actions over the period of the twelve months.  We use Tarot to plot the journey; via four different readings we explore the terrain of our year ahead.  Ideally this is a spring retreat if we work with the seasonal integrity of the year. Believing that new seeds and ideas blossom with spring and summer is the time to build, autumn asks us to assess and reap the harvest of our planning, whilst winter lets us review and replan. This quest is the time to begin…