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A reading of aces is an uplifting experience.   The client is up for new beginnings, new starts and a new journey through the Minor Arcana.  Often this is received with a sigh of relief.
Many readings contain both the ten and the aces which is telling the reader we are ready to let go of old patterns and begin afresh. I always look to see when I'm reading, if I'm dealing with the closure of the tens thus trying to get to the ace or if I'm at the beginning of new ventures.
The ace is a seed card; we don't know much but we do know the thought or emotion or action or vision has shifted depending on which suit we are dealing with. Every suit in the Minor Arcana begins with an ace; it is marking the start of

new emotions if in Cups,new thoughts if in Swords,new vision or creative exploits if in Wands                                              new projects or business if in pentacles.

We start our exploration of aces by looking at the Ace of Wands from the Dragon Tarot by …