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Its hard to imagine how an artist would set out to create a tarot deck. There are 22 major cards and 56 minor cards in a tarot deck. That's a huge amount of illustration. How long does that take? Add to the mix whether the artist knows the Tarot or is new to the concepts of the Tarot gives us further time frames. The decks are always a reflection of the artists background of their work and their knowledge. I  remember using the Scared Rose  deck (1987) as my meditation deck. I never read it for anyone but I always meditated with this deck. I found it was an amazing deck to channel information.
 When I researched  the artist of this deck, Johanna Sherman I read how she was a meditator. This  deck for her had been an awakening of her own psychic abilities and at the time I was using it for the same thing myself.and at the time I was using it for the same thing myself.(interview Aecletic Tarot in 2005 marking the 25th anniversary of the Sacred Rose Tarot) 
Beautiful art work is a gr…


And my most favourite illustrator ever- Will Worthington.  This deck feels so sacred it makes me want to whisper. I feel like donning my magical cloak and slipping quietly into the forest to begin my solace and retreat until some time later I reemerge a wizened soul.  This Tarot creates its own paradigm. It doesn't exist in the tradition of tarot, this is a tarot created by a child who's playground was the famous Sherwood Forest, where animal, bird and man lived in a dance of survival and spirit. The characters of this deck are an intermingle of these three realms and depending on what time of the year we are in Arrows (air), Bows (fire) Vessels (water) or Stones (earth);Wildwoods suits for the minor arcana, sets the theme of the lessons we are learning. So like the HALLOWQUEST, also created by John Mathews partnered with Caitlin Mathews; this can be used as a deck to study the Wheel of the Year and t…


Spells, prayers and affirmations are all a part of the same concepts. If we pray we are asking what we believe is a greater power to help us to carry out our wishes either for ourselves and others. This technique gives our power over to a greater deity be it religious or angelic or a goddess.

Affirmations uses empowered words to reprogram our own thinking into a stronger resolve or into releasing negative programs that keep tripping us up. 
Spells are also empowering us through verse and objects to relay to our inner self and calling upon the external powers be they angelic, a goddess or god to assist us to create the changes.
All of these techniques are ways of communicating with the inner self bringing to consciousness aspects of the unconscious patterning or the psyche to  create change.  
So how can Tarot assist? Using particular Tarot images that represent the changes or patterning we want to change or what we may want to change to, adds a wonderful visual. In our ritual we may …


"The cards were more than beautiful. He studied them in great details over the years and come to love them more than anything he had ever possessed: the intricate barons; the red and gold cups; the King of Coins with his broad hat; the poor  Hanged Man dangling upside down in his sling. How many days had he spent poring over the battered cards, marvelling at their colours and designs, unravelling symbols and codes-those snakes, wolves towers, queens, moons and lobsters? The permutations were fascinating and endless and they comforted him somehow." Extract from City of Crows by Chris Womersley. p 126.

Oh I so relate to this paragraph. My mother says she can never remember me not shuffling cards. I also love the book which is set in France in 1673 and the character of  Lesage reads the tarot.
The story is set in a Tarot Reading Lesarge does for Charlotte; beginning at the Empress, followed by the Magician then the Queen of Coins and the Hanged Man and finishing with Judgement.…