Spells, prayers and affirmations are all a part of the same concepts. If we pray we are asking what we believe is a greater power to help us to carry out our wishes either for ourselves and others. This technique gives our power over to a greater deity be it religious or angelic or a goddess.

Affirmations uses empowered words to reprogram our own thinking into a stronger resolve or into releasing negative programs that keep tripping us up. 

Spells are also empowering us through verse and objects to relay to our inner self and calling upon the external powers be they angelic, a goddess or god to assist us to create the changes.

All of these techniques are ways of communicating with the inner self bringing to consciousness aspects of the unconscious patterning or the psyche to  create change.  

So how can Tarot assist?

Modern Spellccaster;s Tarot
@Marquis &Murphy
Modern Spellcaster's Tarot
@Marquis & Murphy
Using particular Tarot images that represent the changes or patterning we want to change or what we may want to change to, adds a wonderful visual. In our ritual we may use the Tarot  to portray what we are caught in and to indicate where we can move onto.
 The example I have set out for you is the two of Swords, being the patterning or situation I wish to change; this is a card of isolation and not knowing what to decide with a sense of the danger in the decision portrayed by the predatory wolf.
My resolution or affirmation card is the Knight of Wands where protected by the armour there is a need to rise above and see the situations from a differing perspective. Take some action and movement to elevate the vision on a given situation.  The cards indicate the movement on from the situation and the words that come from viewing this progression make up the affirmation. 
I protect myself and fly above the situations that have me isolated.


by Melanie MarQuis
Illustrated by Scott Murphy.

This is a new deck at #Lyndallstarot. I saw it was shortlisted for Tarot of the Year in 2016 and I decided to take a look at it. I am really impressed. Usually when a tarot comes out, the accompanying book is secondary, in my opinion, to how the cards impact. This is not so in this deck. The handbook by Marquis is a fantastic accompaniment. In her introduction Marquis tells us this is a deck to enhance our spiritual awareness whether we are using it for 

"meditation, spiritual exploration or spellcasting." 

It is a deck that is  designed to be your working familiar. Love these decks; they will be your best friends for ever.
Modern Spellcasters Tarot
@Marquis & Murphy

The first part of this handbook instructs on how to use the tarot; the general stuff like Anatomy of the Tarot, care of and how to read and then a great section on magickal use of the deck. For example on p45 Marquis suggests "if a spell requires you to use rosebuds on your altar and your fresh out, you could use the Ace of Cups. " 
Modern Spellcasters Tarot
@Marquis &Murphy
The handbook does have coloured images of every card and interpretations for each of them, and I find Marquis's has a new and refreshingly grounded perspective on the tarot. There is a simplicity in the  interpretation that is very every day, this again allows us to feel included in this deck, it represents our lives.  How comfortable do we feel with this beautiful image of the six of cups(left)? Anyone of us could step inside this card and have knowledge of how this card tells us of our ancestral history. This is what a personal working deck should be. Easy to access, easy to understand the message without having to look up a book but if you do have this handbook, even for someone who has read for years, there is great insight in this book. It is very clear on the interpretations, nothing is left hazy or unsure about the meaning. My type of Tarot. If we take the time to consult the deck we want our messages to be clear.

In the interpretations there are three sections, first the Description meaning, then the Reversed meaning and then the third interpretation is the Magickal Uses of the card. A fabulously informative addition to the focus tarot can have.
 I absolutely love the minor arcana of this deck. I rarely find a deck that thrills me in all three sections of the Tarot. Some have brilliant Majors, others' strengths can be the Minors and some the Court. In this deck I am loving the Minor arcana. The Minor arcana does represent the steps of life and the
processes throughout our everyday life. This is where we live day by day.

Like all good magickal texts in the Minors, there is usually an elemental shift between the sword to fire as swords are forged in fire and wands then become air; this is so in the Modern Spellcaster's. In purchasing decks it is important to note this. Therefore in the suit of Wands we find the bird realm as its familiar, dogs and squirrels accompany the pentacles, wolves hover in the swords and the fish and water creatures in the cups.
Modern Spellcaster's Tarot
@Marquis &Murphy
Modern Spellcaster's Tarot
@Marquis & Murphy

Scott Murphy is the illustrator of this deck and these are talkative illustrations.  Murphy has captured the greenery of the forest woodlands in the pentacles, the air borne visions of the wands, the desultory cold of the swords and the waterways of the cups.

This partnership has put together a combined package where the written knowledge and the image work together extraordinarily well. This deck peaked my interest as soon as I opened it and constantly offers me interesting insights into the cards. I feel it is adding depth to my knowledge from many differing angles. 


In this blog I have only focussed on the Minor arcana  but the depiction of our favourite Tarot characters both in Majors and the Court are very strong too. These I will leave for another day.

The Everyday Witch Tarot by Debra Blake and Elisabeth Alba also has a fabulous working minor arcana like this deck. I feel they are similar only maybe Spellcaster suits older readers. The Everyday Witch is the perfect adolescent deck.

Tarot Spells by Janina Renee would be a good companion to this deck.

Affirmation:  "With these cards and with this spell,
                   I summon powers of resilience and renewal.
                         I summon powers from within,
and powers from without.
I summon power to help me face the world as it is;
and as it must of necessity be in the future.
I summon power to make my own happiness.
I meet this new and challenging situation with confidence.
There is peace.
There is healing.
There is new understanding.
This do I will! So will it be!"

From Tarot Spells p91. Spell for help in adjusting to a difficult or traumatic change of circumstances.



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