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TEMPLE WORK IS SACRED AND VARIED. The concept of working in a temple is a technique that encourages us to seek a broad perspective on matters. It usually begins with setting a middle feature altar and then forming the four directions around the altar to hold the space and offer protecting pillars or to give four differing perspectives to journey to and from.  This spread when used in Tarot is a way of delving more deeply into issues and fleshing out what's lying beneath questions.  Using any deck the querant  usually sets the altar first. So for example if we were looking at the issue of seeking direction the first card is the Altar Card depicting where the situation of direction is to begin with. The Modern Spellcaster's is a great deck to use in this type of work as the fabulous text by Melanie Murphy has a spell to go with each card and as in this type of reading we are trying to flesh out and alter a situation then it is useful to read her ideas. To get the eight of penta…


QUEENS OF THE COURT. The Court of the Japaridze is a stunning mixture of characters. We all love the Queens and traditionally they have often been the only feminine characters in the court. These ladies are all adorned in the most amazing costumes. The Queen of Winds is a highly intelligent woman and in this deck appears to be an older and more mature figure than her King. There is a suggestion she may be divorced, she faces the King and would certainly hold her own. Often the Queen of Swords is cold and harsh which is interesting but perhaps not surprising that the Tarot portrays the woman of intellect to be cold and aloof. The beautiful Queen of Fire pictured right,  is a gentle but independent woman of warmth.  She too faces her King but he is an authority and business tycoon who I doubt is a very emotive companion. He is a great provider whilst she walks gently and quietly with her lamp of light for all to warm by.
Queen of Tides pictured above is the illustration on the booklet …