The concept of working in a temple is a technique that encourages us to seek a broad perspective on matters. It usually begins with setting a middle feature altar and then forming the four directions around the altar to hold the space and offer protecting pillars or to give four differing perspectives to journey to and from.  This spread when used in Tarot is a way of delving more deeply into issues and fleshing out what's lying beneath questions. 
Modern Spellcaster'sTarot
@Melanie Marquis & Scott Murphy
Using any deck the querant  usually sets the altar first. So for example if we were looking at the issue of seeking direction the first card is the Altar Card depicting where the situation of direction is to begin with. The Modern Spellcaster's is a great deck to use in this type of work as the fabulous text by Melanie Murphy has a spell to go with each card and as in this type of reading we are trying to flesh out and alter a situation then it is useful to read her ideas. To get the eight of pentacles in a question of work is a good beginning as you can see in this image the building is well under way. The 
construction is being built so we are not starting at the beginning. Being an eight numerically symbolises that we are well towards concluding the building. The animal helpers of the dog usually symbolising loyalty and the squirrel such a resourceful collector who stores things for seasons to come is a great indicator that the direction we are travelling in is going really well. If we add Melanie's magical tip for this card which says its useful for stamina and extra luck especially for long term projects then I would think our alter has a prosperous message.  


The directions are usually those of the compass points and each one high lights an element. So in this case the Southern direction is the fire direction and indicates what I need to do to enhance the altar card.
Modern Spellcaster's Tarot
@Melanie Marquis &Scott Murphy
In this case I pulled the Strength card which is a Major Arcana so it has priority of importance. I need the Strength to take action to move towards the direction I seek. I must use my instinct and my drive but in a balanced way to gain the strength I need to take the actions I desire. Melaine suggests this card helps with courage and maybe protection.

The next direction I will visit and thus pull a card for is the West, in this wheel the water placement. What must I deal with emotionally on my journey to enhance my direction.
Modern Spellcaster's Tarot
@Melanie Marquis & Scott Murphy
This is the three of wands a fire card in the emotional position. This is a card that has options out there but is waiting for them to return to see how plausible they are. The emotional impact of this is patience, being able to wait and allow the actions to manifest. The initial effort has been put in place, now the initiator has to see what returns. In Melanie's magical usage this card represents success to newly launched projects.

Modern Spellcaster's Tarot
@ Melanie Marquis & Scott Murphy
Card three is from the Northerly earth direction. This is what is manifested; the practicalities  of the situation. This wonderful six of swords is indicating there is a need to move on from the same on practices, maybe even move to a different place which could mean to expand. It definitely asks to change the routine of the practice. Don't keep doing things as they are. The next steps are not easy but are necessary. Melanie suggests again a use for courage but also to triumph over the hardships and challenges.
 Lastly the card of the East is the air card; it speaks of new ideas and new thoughts which our last card suggests we need. This time our card comes from the Court. The beautifully wise Queen of Cups with a huge waterfall pouring down behind her and her feet nicely damp in a pool. Very emotional for the air position so telling me to add my intuition to my thinking. Usually this card is about loving and femininity so I would interpret this to find ideas that fill my heart with joy and love. I need to be in my intuition to feel out the
Modern Spellcaster's Tarot
@Melanie Marquis & Scott Murphy
ideas. This is a card for love spells says Melanie. Think about how I would love my direction to look.

This is the complete temple picture. The directional cards have given me insight into how to keep building my plans from the altar card. I will need courage as both the South and North tell me this. There will be difficult moments I will need to move on from says the North but I have begun well and my new actions have been created and I need the patience to wait to see what comes of them so the West says. The East is telling me to balance in my heart and stay true to what I would love to achieve and run all my thoughts through the heart space because if I don't love what I do then the passage forward can be arduous; a return to the North concepts which hold the difficulty of the passage.

To add more depth I may meditate into all of these temples. This is ideal if the reading is a major ritual reading. If I don't have the time I may choose the temple that I think holds the most difficulty for me and just visit there. If I was choosing I think I would choose the North temple but also the South with the Strength card being a major card I would believe I need to do extra work with it.


Many of Lyndall McQuinn's intensive programs follow the idea of working in the temple.
Astrological Temples is a program where the four major planets of Chiron, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are used to create temples to understand their energi
Lynn Andrews Power Deck is based on the concept of the central altar and the four directions.


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