Dreams of Gaia @ Ravynne Phelan

Dreams of Gaia Tarot
@Ravynne Phelan

Quietly and with barely a murmur Ravynne Phelan's tarot for a new era has won Tarot Deck of the Year 2016 awarded by the Tarosophy Tarot Association, access by membership, based online and created by Marcus Katz and Tali Goodwin.
An Australian publisher in Blue Angel based in Melbourne produced the deck.
I am so excited by this award.
To be able to compete with the likes of tarot producers such as Lo Scarebeo of Turin and Llewellyn of USA is a huge feat from a small publisher in Australia.

Now we have acknowledged the formalities: what about Ravynne Phelan. Her story is a fantastic tale of knowing where her heart lay and being thwarted by others who can't believe in her dream to returning to the calling and producing wondrous material culminating in this fantastic tarot deck.
The book written by Ravynne Phelan reads like a novel. I can hear her speaking to me from a space of knowing the process. She knows her cards deeply. She has a heart felt message behind each one of the majors of which there are twenty four.

This is not a traditional tarot this is a connecting healing tarot. It begins with 0 which is choice. I love this concept; the Fool is not a random act of stepping over a precipice, it's a choice.  All paths begin with Choice. How true is that? In every chapter  I read in this book, there is the meaning of the card, the past, the present of the card, the future of the card and the potential blockage. Ravynne here is working the tarot as a process not as a divination. I agree with the statement this is a tarot of a new era.
Dreams of Gaia Tarot
@Ravynne Phelan
The philosophy of this deck is
                                                  To Seek...To Feel
                                                  To Grow...To Heal

 There is a gentle, vulnerability in this text. Let's talk about the things that happen to us deep inside. Lets discuss our knowledge, our love, desires, integrity, emotions and faith. These concepts all become Ravynne's Major Arcana. And whilst we discuss lets look back to the past and at what's present and onto the future and be realistic to the blockages. This is a Major Arcana with a new family. A family that does have the child, youth, maiden, mother and father but is also filled with stages of growth operating on a vibration underneath it.


Ravynne also creates for us four spreads to use the cards.
The Guide Spread is a one card spread. How many times do we readers grab a card to reflect a situation for us? Love the concept of the Guide.
Spread 2 is the Union Spread which uses three cards. This works with the duality of mind we so often experience when trying to decide something.
Spread 3. is The Dreamer's Spread- I totally get this spread when I read Ravynne's biography.
Spread 4. The Dreaming Tree Spread is a complex spread which " lets the reader have an in-depth conversation with self and the Divine."  Fabulous work here.
These four ways  of using this deck lets the deck become a member of our busy lives because it allows us to use it in varying time frames. If I'm busy I'll use the Guide or Union. If I have more time I will delve deeper and when I am in ritual space I will use the Dreaming Tree Spread.


 In the Minor Arcana the clarity of element is superb; the fire cards are vibrant, the water cards watery, the earth cards richly green and the air cards wispy blacks, deep blue and greys. Its an interesting portrayal of air. From meditation to learning by study to reaching Universal mind. A big step on from the tradition of swords.

Dreams of Gaia Tarot
@Ravynne Phelan
Dreams of Gaia
@Ravynne Phelan

 The Minor Arcana begins at Aces and the court has been transformed into cards eleven and twelve then there is a Queen and King.
Card eleven is a balancing and aligning card where earth is the balance between Heaven/Earth.
Air is the balance between Body/Mind. Fire balances between Feminine/Masculine and Water balances Emotion/Intellect.
Card twelve represents the Scribe of Air, the Seneschal of Earth, the Hero of Fire and the Counsellor of Water.

This deck is so complex and complete. Rarely do I believe that we need the book to be able to read a deck but in this instance the book is equally well written as the deck is painted. Such a complete project of balance between vision and words. The deck also operates on a structure that wanders from the traditional base, the original structure of tarot is present but often deviated from by the creator's experience of the process of life.
  Her gentle voice lures us into our own vulnerability encouraging the readers to be deeply honest with truths of our lives. This is the pathway to genuine healing.  

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