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Wands =fire
Pentacle =earth
In some magical decks the Wands and Swords swap elemental paths as the concept that Swords are forged in fire and Wands are used to create magic of the word and mind is an air element.

Any Ace we work with is the pure element of the pathway.
Path of Swords: first three cards are Libra, second three Aquarius and last three are Gemini.
Path of Wands: first three cards are Aries,   second threes are Leo, last three are Sagittarius.
Path of Cups :first three cards are Cancer, second three are Scorpio and last three are Pisces.
Path of Pentacles: first three cards are Capricorn, second three are Taurus and last three are Virgo.

What we notice here is the suits begin with the cardinal sign, the signs that mark the solstices and equinoxes and are the signs that initiate change. They represent cards 2 to 4
The second three cards, from 5 to 7 are fixed thus holding a stability and being reluctant to make changes.
The last three card, 8 to 10 are mutable so changeable and often in motion or flux.
This is an interesting insight into the journey of the minor arcana. It begins and initiates with an urge to make changes and create situations. The cardinal mode.Then in the middle section things solidify, become manifest and maybe block. The fixed section The last section of the journey is mutable which allows us to move around and make the changes we need to complete the journey.
Just working the minor arcana with modality is an illuminating insight.
Then we add the planets and we notice the planetary perspective of the minor arcana uses the personal planets and Jupiter and Saturn. These are the  original planets that so many of our teachings incorporate. The Major Arcana in the modern era does include the outer planets, usually Pluto is either Hermit or Judgement, Neptune the Hanged One and Uranus the Fool but they are not included in the minors.

In using the planets we can then identify a planetary energy we may like to work with and see which of the minor cards it illuminates. Or if you have a particular energy transiting through the birth chart you may like to see which of the cards represent this energy in the tarot.
For an example lets take the Saturn Return at age 29.
In Tarot of Dreams the Major Card of Saturn is the World.
In the Minors Saturn is the 7 of pentacles, in Taurus
                                            8 of cups in Pisces
                                            5 of wand in Leo
                                            3 of swords in Libra.
Tarot of Dreams @ Ciro Marchetti. U.S. Games

Laying the cards out in the mandala allows the student to study the influences that are connected by the concept of Saturn energy. It shows the aspect of Saturn in the varying elements, suggesting in water Saturn makes us withdrawn, In earth we are ordered but inactive. In fire we are in combat and in air the we are hurting but resolute.
We could create these mandalas for all the planetary combinations. Once created meditating with or just noting what the tarot is telling us about that energy is interesting. It tells us of our expectations of how we may react to the energies as they affect our charts. The mandala of Jupiter tells us that Jupiter is connected with destiny as it vibrates to the Wheel of Fortune. We can see it works brilliantly in fire as Jupiter in Leo triumphs. Jupiter in Capricorn in the 2 of pentacles gives us material options but in the suits of air and water it over stretches us, creating a need to rest in the mental 4 of swords, Jupiter in Libra and it's not so great for our indulgences in the 9 of cups, Jupiter in Pisces.

Tarot of Dreams @ Ciro Marchetti. U.S. Games
The deck I am working with in this blog is one of Ciro Marchetti's decks called the Tarot of Dreams. This is a wonderfully simple Tarot, a great deck to begin the study of magic and the role of astrology in the tarot. It is also helpful to use in understanding transits to our natal charts.
Working with this deck gives beautiful images with a focus on the astrology to aid interpretation of the cards. 
This is a great meditation deck to use for journalling and for setting out and studying the mandalas.


The book accompanying this deck is written by Lee Bursten. The book is clear, concise and informative however this deck stands very strongly alone.
Other work by Lee Bursten includes the Gay Tarot, Universal Tarot of Marseille and the Gilded Reverie Lenormand also by Marchetti.


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