Shamans Tarot
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Working with a deck like the Shaman Tarot by Lo Scarabeo with artwork by Sabrina Riganello and Alessia Pastorello , we begin a journey into shamanic concepts. Even though the deck is based on a traditional tarot structure  of major arcana, minor arcana and court cards the story is a shamanic journey story so our characters are new to us. To begin to work with a deck like this I propose a strong meditation practice. Rather than set this deck out in traditional reading spreads I would work in an individual process approach and get to know my new characters.

The path of the shaman is the path of spiritual healing of oneself and the world.

It is hard to get past the wonder of the major arcana when you open this deck. Even though the minor arcana made up of drums, bows, bones and stones is fascinating, I love the power in the majors and the wonderful vivid colours.

  • We begin as always with the fool but in this deck he is a sacred fool and his dog is a kelpie size familiar. As our fool trances himself to the heavens the dog, holds him by a tie. 
  • The Magician is older and more empowered as an ancestral shaman and as a reader we feel we are observing him rather than interacting. 
  • Our High Priestess is the Mother of the Worlds so vibrant and motherly. There is lots to learn from her direction.
  • The Empress is Mother Earth and is a sensual woman with her white wolf and egret in prayer to the Universe.
  • The Emperor is the Master of the Drum, a new concept and a character to approach with care as he seems to be connected to weather and electricity.

Shamans Tarot
@Lo Scarabeo
Shamans Tarot
@Lo Scarabeo

The Heirophant who often shape shifts in modern decks is also a force as the Hunter of Demons complete wth his skulls and antlers. 

  • The Lovers is love a force that links the entire Universe.
  • The Spinning Shield looks like a wild ride as the figure flies through the heavens whilst wild horses dance and prance underneath an interesting take on the Chariot.  
  • The Strength card is purely power where bears and humans dressed in bear skins commune.
  • The Hermit is a beautiful Seeker of the Souls who in his meditations calls forth the ancestors.
  • The Drum of the Spirits replaces the Wheel of Fortunes a wondrous shield appears in the heavens to the alone seeker below.
  • Punishment is Justice a hard core card of birds of prey and spears in masked figures, a harsh card of consequences.
  • Initiation replaces the up side down Hanged One who hangs from a tree whilst prayers and incantations occur around the fireside.
  • The Other Existence is Death who is in trance with bells and masks and costumes. 
  • Healing is a relief after all the activity of the previous cards as our Temperance bathes surrounded by red butterflies.

Shamans Tarot
@Lo Scarabeo

  • Lord of Transformation, the Devil of other decks, is a mask master who performs his rituals in rocky landscapes.
  • The Tree of Cosmos is a channel of energy, a Tower born of nature that uplifts and adds adrenaline to our practices.
  • The Path of the Stars is the path to guidance after journeying so far we see the lady of the sky advise  what is now beginning to feel like a tired seeker.
  • The seeker comes to rest at the pool of the The Moon of Illusion who is enticing and beguiling but illusory.
  • The Dance of the Sun is a gorgeous energised return to self as the eagle soars.
  • Evocation is a striking portrayal of Judgement as our seeker calls the spirit world to create Judgements.
  • Finally in the Upper World our journey ends with the snake encircling the world and the feminine voice available to those who can hear. 

This is a great spirit journey in the visual. This deck tucks into our psyche and I feel for each of us individually the meanings of these characters would be our own ritual. They are all very ritualised so maybe in working with this deck it may work well with a ritual program you set for yourself either monthly or fortnightly adding a lunar focus.

In the case of what rituals to perform I would meditate into each character and be guided by them as to what the ritual may entail. I feel this deck is very masculine, and has an energy of the warrior. It is not a deck where I use the Little White Book for interpretation, instead I call in the characters and let them engage me. It is demanding to work through this Major Arcana journey. The characters hold an aged quality with a wisdom base.  This is a deck I hold in respect.

As with all Major Arcana journeys this one takes time. 

Shaman Tarot
@Lo Scarabeo


This deck is another deck created by Massimilliano Fildaro, who is the creator of so many of Lo Scarabeo decks. 
A Feminine equivalent of this deck would be Tarot of the Sacred Feminine, both of these decks are used in my post Spirit of the Tarot  March 11 2018

This deck is available from Lyndall's Tarot Daylesford.



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