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Phillip and Stephanie Carr-Gomm
The deck that speaks to everyone is the Druidcraft, illustrated by Will Worthington. This is a Wiccan and Druidry combo designed by Phillip and Stephanie Carr -Gomm. However it stretches much farther than this, I might hazard a guess that it is one of the most popular decks of all time. Certainly it is one that passes through Lyndall's Tarot regularly as it is easy to relate too and the characters leap out of the cards at you. It is also the deck I like to use for my Intensive Tarot Programs of the Tarot Quest and Building your Spirit Lodge.
So why? 

Firstly I think it may have to do with the size and quality of the production of the deck. Thats a strange reply but it is a solid deck of big cards that don't wear. I've had  my deck for years and it's still vibrant and alive; as good as new.
The aliveness of the images is my next point. We don't need to go into meditation to talk to these characters. They are talking as soon as you draw them. They aren't fearful but powerful. Easy to approach and so easy to embody. Look how easy it is to slip into the ten of pentacles family scene and nap with Grandpa.
Druidcraft Tarot@
Phillip and Stephanie Carr-Gomm

It is also the deck which has moved the concept of the traditional Heirophant to a High Priest of the Earth. I believe this may have been one of the earliest decks to begin to modify the Heirophant who now is moved around as much as the pages of the court.
It is one of the easiest decks to learn; equally as the Waite-Rider which is the standard deck to learn on. The imagery of the Druidcraft offers so much more depth to the interpretations of the cards.
The back grounds of the cards are rich. Rich in colour, added information and natural environments for the life of our characters to exist in, thus ultimately for us to dwell in. This deck also has a great equality of the feminine and the masculine. There are many potential couples in this deck. It gives a representation of the masculine and the partnership with the feminine.


The horoscope spread is one of the most accurate tarot spreads to read. This is due to the fact that  encased in the astrology houses is every facet of existence. You are only limited by your ability to read the houses. In the basic format is the traditional houses from first to twelfth.

  • First house is the self as opposed the seventh which is the other or partners, business or love.
  • Second is security and wealth and the eighth is other peoples money, sex and death.
  • Third is early education, community and siblings whilst ninth is further education, travel and law.
  • Fourth is family, home and land and the tenth covers career, direction and status.
  • Fifth is creativity and children and eleventh is friends and aspirations.
  • Sixth covers health and work mates and the twelfth is the hidden or unconscious factors, service behind the scenes.

This is an extremely brief synopsis of the houses, they can be varied and broad. We can fit an entire family into the houses; from grandma to the nieces and nephews. We can fit countries economies and status into the houses and we can measure our own attitudes and the way we approach life.  
By placing a tarot card on each of these houses, we see very clearly where the state of the  general life is relating to that house.

Tarot gives us a pictorial approach to our lives.
So if for example a major card is on a particular  house we know that area of life is where the need for action or exploration is. This is the reading I use for my general tarot readings because it is easy to find the answers to questions.
If asked about health study  the sixth,
If asked about money study the second.
If asked about career look in the tenth or sixth. 
Relationships are seventh and eighth.

The combination of the Druidcraft deck and the Horoscope Spread is a great beginning to both Tarot and Astrology.
Druidcraft Tarot@
Phillip and Stephanie Carr-Gomm
The deck to use for a spread like this is the Druidcraft or Motherpeace. A card on every house identifies the house keeping of your life. The houses that have the Major Cards are the prominent areas and equate readily to transits in astrology.  The houses of the Minor Arcana identify the tasks or issues that need to be tended. This spread takes time to learn and not only teaches Tarot but improves our astrology as well.
I find the court section of this deck is really active. The Court characters are easily identifiable of aspects of yourself. I love the freedom in the Princesses and the focus of the Princes. The Queen and King level are suitably authoritative.  


I have already expressed in my blog In the Wild Woods, how much I love Will Worthington's illustrations. Any deck done by him will speak loudly and engage the clients.

Phillip Corr-Gomm is a master Druid who has a lifetime of working with Druidry, psychology and shamanism. See his web site

Stephanie Corr-Gomm is the dual creator of the Druidcraft Tarot, The Druid Animal Oracle, and The Druid Plant Oracle all of which are also illustrated by Will Worthington.


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