Mystic Dream Tarot @
azurylipfe- Deviant art.
My favourite section of the Tarot deck are the Court cards. They are often considered the hardest part of the deck to read and projected out on to other people. For example the Page of Wands is a young youth. For me a good court can be the only thing you need to sort out differences within relationships. Instead of projecting them onto others we can use them to own  aspects of ourselves. Therefore the Page of Wands becomes the youthful creative aspect of me.  I love to place the court cards down on a table and select myself in any given situation. I also may choose me by looking through the court face up and quite deliberately and then compare the card I drew hidden to see how far off I am in seeing myself.

So lets say if I was trying to initiate a new project for work I look through the court and find the Knave of Pentacles, relating to the pathway that I had walked already and realising I was along way along the path but wanting to see some form of manifestation,
Then when I place them face down I draw the King of Pentacles then I am pleasantly surprised at my competence  and deeply surprised by my masks. I may also try to identify the other two people involved in my project.  I am obviously more competent and capable than I think because I see myself as a Knave and yet when working with the hidden guidance I am a King. Both these cards were in Earth very suitable for a work related question and indicated its time to be doing.
Tarot of Sweet Twilight
@Lo Scarabeo
Tarot of Sweet Twilight
@Lo Scarabeo
 I would investigate the other two images in the King. Maybe the female with her mask raised is my progression on from the Queen indicating I can celebrate her. The other one may be the terrified little me I am moving away from by being a King. Maybe the mask hints at the terrified person inside of every King. This is the Sweet Twilight after all where the battler consciousness does exist.

      When you perform this exercise the two cards selected may not be in the same suit. So let's try another question. In tarot reading everything is in the question.  And once you have an answer to the question don't change the meaning of the placement because you don't understand the card.

New Question; Me in relation to my new boss. Search through court cards and find you. So I choose the Knight of Wands as the Knights are focussed and in the deck I am armed with weapons of a club like wand riding in mist on my feisty stead. Then unseen I pull the Queen of Cups- well this is a turn around.

Labyrinth Tarot @
Luis Royo 

Labyrinth Tarot
@Luis Royo
I am full of confidence focussed on my concoction bubbling in my cup or cauldron. This would represent my own goals in the work space.My short sword is ready if I need it, I am more in charge with the card I have pulled from the hidden spread. This exercise would give me much confidence in dealing with my new boss. I would go from being quite defensive in the Knight to quite in charge with my Queen of Cups.
In this particular deck illustrated by with Spanish gusto by Luis Royo there is a prickly need for defence under current to these cards. The deck definitely filters the impression.

We could take this exercise a step further and pull cards on the new boss. Again our question needs to be clear. So we could trial questions of
Where is my new boss at with the new job?
Where is my new boss in relation to me?
What issues do I need to resolve with my new boss?

Tarot Illumanti@
Erik G Dunne  Lo Scarabeo

Well if this was my new boss, she is mighty impressive but a Queen the same as me. A Queen also does not have mastery but is exceedingly competent. She is definitely in charge and perhaps not easily approached. I would feel comforted by the glorious sun flowers as they indicate to me she wants things to prosper so my questions would be heard. Her immaculate attention to her dress would indicate to me she is creative and wants to look good. Her wand is about creating magic and a symbol of powerful directions. I would feel she is not to be messed with but ready to create and achieve.


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