Ostara tarot.
Ostara Tarot

Created by four fabulous illustrators who reside in Vancouver, this is the second Canadian deck I have been really impressed with. The four illustrators, Molly Applejohn, Eden Cooke, Krista Gibbard and Julia Iredale have produced a beautiful, gentle, thoughtful deck that reaches into the heart of the reader and entices her to explore the knowledge hidden within it. It's mystical and mythical, it's shamanic and varied. The animal custodians are equal to their human counterparts, all the worlds unite in this pastel coloured universe.  
Ostara Tarot
@Krista Gibbard
For a combined project this deck pulls together very nicely. We can sometimes get great art but not a great deck, this however manages to hold together the storytelling within the deck. Maybe because the illustrators have an interest and knowledge of the occult that allowed them to create a working deck.

The accompanying book is beautiful too. Very concise with coloured illustrations of all the cards and a fabulous tribute to the illustrators telling us that they all created a suit and shared the Majors. In the book each major card says who the illustrator was. I love the equality of this project. Often project tarots are a hotchpotch of great ideas without synchronicity. This is not so of the Ostara, its a beautiful project resulting in a fun, gentle deck.

The Wands are by Julia Iredale, a combination of whimsical and surreal. When reading the suits you want them to flow from one card to the next. Colour scheme usually helps this and maybe a similarity of characters or a journey of one particular character. Julie has created a consistent wands journey until the 9 Wands where the colours change and we get a dominate cat character with piercing eyes, who stands out, as if this card has more significance than the rest.
Ostara Tarot
@Julia Iredale

Ostara Tarot
@Molly Applejohn
The Swords are by Krista Gibbard, she too has a cat for the nine, whale for ten and rabbit or hare for fours and snake around the six. The colours of her swords journey through pastels but they gel .

Molly Applejohn is the creator of the pentacles and the hare is on the four and a cat on the nine. I love Molly's suit, it portrays the coins in such a fantasical merry journey, the pastels work, the journey work's, the animals work and it has a strong but slightly different court.

Lastly Eden Cooke is the cups creator. All our favourite animals are here to the cats, snakes like worms and the sea theme that sits in all the tens. The idea of having similar animals across the minors has worked in holding the deck together. The colours are an unusual choice for the suit of cups, many decks have the cups deeply set in water but Eden's cups are vessels rather than water environments.

Ostara Tarot
@Eden Cooke

 This deck is one of my favourites for 2017. Anyone of these illustrators could produce a deck of their own and I really hope they do keep creating them. I loved the pastel colours, it makes the deck stand out but be very approachable. I love the many differing characters from all realms and I love the equality of the project shared by all the women involved.
Each card is framed in a white border of which no illustration fits into. Part of the quirky and youthful presentation.


Ostara owing its name to the pagen vernal equinox, marks the midpoint of Spring and ushers in a time of light, rebirth and new growth.

https://mollyapplejohn.com Many interesting snippets on Molly's webpage.
https://edencooke.com - beautiful illustrations
http://www.juliairedale.com- newsletter and projects.
https://www.bardillustration.com Krista Gibbard can be found at Bard illustration.
Keep an eye open for the great work of these four women.

The other Canadian deck I loved was Art of Life by Charlene Livingston


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